What’s your “M.O.”?

Motivation seems to strike me when I least need it. I get motivated to eat one more cookie or to buy that outfit I can’t afford. I get motivated alright, but never when I want to be.

   I’m a freshmen this year in college. This new life is so freeing that I’m having a hard time staying focused. Not to say I’m out doing notty things in the night, I don’t roll that way, I just seem to have an abundance of time for ME and very little for education. Like this blog for instance, instead of studying for my psychology quiz, I’m writing to you because I’d apparently rather be heard than earn an ‘A’. But insinde, I’m rearing to go grab that ugly, way-too-heavy textbook and indulge in its lucid language so I can get good grades, but my fingers seem to have more motivation than my inner desires because I’m continuing to type away.

According to a dictionary, motivation means “the process that initiates, guides, and maintains goal-oriented behavoirs”. I have man goals , I set them for myself in my handy-dandy agenda everyday, but it seems like very few of them actually get accomplished. Today marks the day that I hope to cahnge my motivation process from one that guides me to be unmotivated to one that gives me motivation. Lou Holtz once said “It’s not the load that breaks you down, its the way you carry it”. Maybe I’ve been carrying my load all wrong.